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So, you're interested in joing AFROTC. You've learned about the cadet life, you've reviewed the benefits & careers, you've gotten your questions answered, and you're ready to give it a shot. This page has what you need to do begin experiencing AFROTC. Keep in mind that by signing up for these classes, you do not incur any commitment to AFROTC. Until you tell us that you're sure AFROTC is the place for you and become a contracted cadet, which typically happens either when you accept a scholarship or after returning from field training your junior year, you have no obligation to continue the AFROTC program. We want to make sure you can learn about what the Air Force and AFROTC have to offer before making commitments.

Register for Air Force classes

Please visit the university catalog page to see all of the classes you're required to take, with 4-year and 3-year plans available. Simply register for the classes that are appropriate for you. For example, if you're an incoming freshman who's not 100% sure what their major will be, you'll want to sign up for the classes under the First Year section of the Four Year Program. If you're a transferring sophomore just getting into AFROTC, you'd sign up for the classes shown under the First Year section of the Three Year Program instead.

You can also optionally sign up for AS 3060 - Physical Fitness Training. This course allows you to receive credit for participating in the physical training sessions (see the Cadet Life Page for more details about PT). Understand that PT is required regardless of whether you sign up for this course or not; the course simply allows you to receive college credit for participating.

Got questions?

If anything's unclear about the process of registering for these classes, or you're still not sure what classes you should be taking, please contact us. We're more than happy to help you understand the process, or just confirm that you've signed up for the right classes.